Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life's Bookmark !

How life changes, suddenly from a sluggish black and white movie to one of zipping fast ones where the music is just blaring in your ears. And the irony is that you always want to be on the other side…definitely grass is always greener on the other side. It’s all momentary; the only thing that is constant is change. Life everyday is a new frontier. It was time to start from the scratch again and as I was looking for my maiden assignment AIM Quest happened to me.

This story may seem common to most of the people. People even have more or less the same chapter in their life. No words to describe, I actually can’t pour all my emotions this way...this is amazing...I don’t have words to let u know how it made me feel...I’m touched. In life, we hardly take opportunity to thank people who have really made a difference and are the unsung heroes of our life. Small things usually go unnoticed but they make great sense and they are the one who make life so easy and cheerful.

I felt elated when my name was called on the stage and I was flooded with appreciation and gifts. Thank you all at Assam Institute of Management (AIM). Thank you for believing in my abilities, having patience with me and mostly for making things so comfortable for me. I never felt that I was not a student of the institute.

The sound of claps will always linger on my mind. And will be something I’ll go back every time I’m down or lack in zeal. No matter, even if someday I may reach the zenith of supremacy AIM, AIM Quest 2009, its memories and all the people at AIM will always remain special for me. I will always specially bookmark this chapter of my life. Thank you for making my maiden solo assignment so unforgettable.

Thank you Himadri, for asking me if I can help and introducing me to AIM. Thank you Shruti, for all the creative inputs, thank you (in alphabetical order) Anakshi, Bidisha, Jayasweta, Lakshya, Manab, Mrinal, Neel, Rahul, Ritu, Shraddha, Smita, Sukanya, Zubeen, thank you the 14th batch of AIM, you people simply rock !!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Melody of Ecstasy !

This is tough. This is really a difficult thing for me to type. There is a love song in my thoughts that summed up the way that I felt. In my view it is so beautiful, honest, true and mesmerizing…something a woman could not resist. In true sense, something to sing about. Excluding the fact that I don't sing, may be I would sing it to the loved ones in my life. But seriously, this has been stuck in my head a while. A romantic gesture to be precise.

So much to say, but nothing comes out right. She makes me feel something I can't describe. I always catch myself thinking about the things she does. There isn't anyone else I need; I've got my heart set on her. Day by day, I find my way. Look for the song and the meaning. Then she looks at me, and I always see what I have been searching for. I'm lost as can be. And her eyes, she should see the way they glow when she smiles. I know, she would love it when I sing 'The Song'. She would just melt in my arms and I could feel her heart beat...and I'm not lost anymore.

Well…all this while, let us go through a free the feeling that my heart holds something like this and it will creep up on my mind sooner or later.

Moonlight shines upon your face

I gaze into your eyes

My heart begins to skip a beat

As I begin to realize.

You bring to me a feeling

Which I have never felt before

A feeling of contentment

Happiness and more.

I will always be beside you

Be your friend and lover

I promise you this day

There will never be another.

Because we were meant to be

And that is without a doubt

I never knew what love was

Or what it was all about.

And then you walked into my life

And showed me what I was missing

Truly you were sent from above

Only God could create such a blessing.