Friday, September 19, 2008

Rock On !!!

Recently, one Saturday afternoon, my cell phone beeped…’ 1 message received ‘!!! The sms read as…” Hey KD……I’ve given you a new nickname”. It was my friend Alok. I replied back, what was KD??? He gave me a nickname, after watching the flick “Rock On!!!”

Thanks to Farhan Akhtar and his on screen Rock Band ‘Magik’; and off course the movie ‘Rock On!!!” It’s been the force behind this blog. An inspiring movie for all budding musicians or to all those who have dreams…Dreams to make it big some day, to be on top of everything they ever desired for. It’s a movie on realising your dream and working hard to bring it to life. ‘Rock On’ strikes a chord on right note.

Being a musician myself it was very touchy and nostalgic. Those carefree days of youth when only music and music mattered, we used to starve ourselves while practicing, no hunger no thirst. Life moved on, we got busy with our separate lives…but deep in heart the flame was still there. The movie was the right kind of tonic I needed; it just ignited that flame once again, that feeling just re-ignited in my heart.

Its quirk of fate, that you normally don’t get what you crave for n they say you didn’t deserve that. But life is not so simple, its twist n turns make us forget many of our aspirations, desires and we just need to follow the steps which it offers in our path, despite the fact that we want something else. After out of the music scenario, for almost 4 years when I started again, I felt like I wont be able to do it again but I somehow managed to keep going, and after days of hard work, foodless afternoons and all those critics from my roommates (for playing the music loud and practicing whole day long), I discovered its still left in me. Probably life gives a second chance to everyone to prove one’s credentials. I know, am still a learner, but at least now a few people know what am capable of. I should also be thankful to all my critics; definitely…it’s their words that kept me going and gave the much needed zeal.

“Rock On”…just did some magic. Probably it’s a kind of movie that will touch every person’s life who’s connected with music, even someone who’s not. For someone like me, who worship music, it was the fresh drop of water on a dried leaf. If you have watched it, you are touched and if you haven’t, you are missing something.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bare Beginnings

The first time we open our eyes in this world, the first cry, the first smile, the first word we utter, our first step on earth, the first birthday, the first day at school, the first friend, the first bicycle, the first day at college, the first holiday alone, the first crush, the first love, the first date, the first interview, the first job, the first salary….everything new in our life holds a different implication in our life. We are always away from the first step, until that it always remains anonymity, always ready to unfold it and become a part of our relevant lives. All we need is to take the first step.

It’s been an enduring laziness that I was so reluctant to write my first ‘blog’ ever. It agitated me quite a few times, I tried to sit back and write but don’t know why it took me so long, but I should definitely thank ‘Polka’ for leading the way, inspiring me. For a guy who is still writing my ‘orkut’ testimonial (biography???) for more than a year now, its really startling where he got all the time to write ‘blogs’, but certainly its inspiring for me, that finally I’ve decided to exercise my fingers by typing my ‘blogs’. Another reason for my delayed entry into the world of ‘blogs’ is the subject. To be frank, am not a customary writer, so I definitely need a ‘solid’ and ‘full proof’ topic to carry on writing at least for sometimes. Many subjects kept revolving in my mind, starting from friends, music, and life to youth, feelings, love and everything else under the sun. But then, I decided to take the very first step, enjoy the thrill and expecting things to follow and take its route. Hope I’ll be a regular in the world of ‘blogs’ from now on…