Wednesday, March 11, 2009

‘Born To Touch Your Feelings…’

First of all, I want to point out that the title is a direct replica of one my favorite songs by Scorpions...But I felt nothing would be a more pertinent title! It’s been a prominent factor of all my blog...most of them starts either with the name of some song, a movie or a book.

For a strange reason, I somehow do manage to relate myself to the songs, movie or the book. Probably not only me, but all of us definitely relate to the...sometimes the situations, sometimes the lyrics, sometimes the story. The characters, the words, the plot here are so true. They all are tirelessly fascinating because we can all relate to them and it involves us in a way that most things in our life do not. We find ourselves drawn to every moment these two occurrence...together and apart. All of us do!!!

Each and every song, book or movie is written with an exacting situation, a plot or it depicts some significance. There really are no words to describe how they make you feel, but one thing is for sure...they will make you feel. They reflect how things can be in real life. They are penned down with a message...may be good or may be bad. And as human beings we tend to follow what we see...seeing in reel life or reading or may be listening. Good or bad, whatever may be...but it definitely conveys a message and even if it’s in reel life or virtual life...we can relate to them. They take our emotions to a different level; they give us something to refresh, to push, to hope, and to restart. They make us smile, make us laugh, make us sing, inspire us, enlighten us, makes us weep and makes us cry, makes us realize and makes us feel, they make us dance, they make relax, they make us dream...undeniably the songs, movies or the books are born...born to touch our feelings...

Identical to us...humans, we are born with a particular motive or may be I can say ‘a mission.’ And it’s always up to we complete it, in a mind-numbing or in a gratifying manner...most of the times we are driven by huge stirring feelings and undertones that are never verbalized, but just seem to hang in the air. In life we come across many people...we remember a few, forget a few...and wish never to meet a few. It’s for a reason that we meet, we talk, and we help each other or may be learn something. Once we are born it is bound that we will pass at any moment. Memories fade when we die. Nothing will remain...except our name in people’s heart.