Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fables Of Pune...

Pune…it started as a distant dream…to come to a place totally unknown and to make my own identity has been an eventful journey. There was a fear of something unexplainable…may be fretfulness, oddness and many more things. Now it’s been 7 years and Pune has become my second home. The city I gave 7 years of my life definitely holds a momentous role in the making of ‘Me’. Just like I saw the city grow into an IT hub, the city witnessed me nurture from a teenager to a young adult. Pune gave me a lot of things…career, name, fame, friends; enemies (hope there aren’t any), dreams, hope and immeasurable amount of experience and not to forget the mesmerizing memories. From being an aspiring engineer to become a graphic designer, from being an introvert to become a good PR, from being an average guy to become the ‘blue eyed boy’ of Assamese people in Pune, from being a inert musician to get a musical rebirth, from being one of greatest mis-manager to organize and manage huge events successfully I’ve seen it all in Pune.

Now, as I am on the verge of leaving Pune forever, waiting for my flight at Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, am penning this note with moist eyes. Not only the city, I’ll miss all the good times I had here, the bad times, the experiences, the unending ‘adda’s, night rides, night outs, road trips, the leg pulling sessions, the musical sittings, the mismanagements, the funny mistakes, study hours during exams, the famous pork parties…the list is probably unending. Will miss my seniors, my juniors and my buddies with whom I shared my joys, sorrows, dreams, and hopes and learnt the art of living.

Adios Pune!!!