Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Music And Lyrics

Impact of Music Lyrics

Music is what wakes me up in the morning, makes me dance, and calms me when I’m feeling unhappy about something, makes me cry when its needed, inspires me when I’m down, makes me smile when I’m confused and gives me a way. It is a factor in everyday life and because of the colossal quantity of credence music has, music has had a major influence on behaviour.

Changing the words

Lyrics can inspire, sadden and lead to euphoria. Annie Lennox’s song, Walking on Broken Glass. That was exactly how it felt – painful, cutting and desperate. Music — nostalgic, uplifting, and memorable — forms the soundtrack of my life. It’s much like colours, different colour different mood. I eagerly await the music not yet heard, and the lyrics yet to inspire! What music resonates within you?

How Do Music Lyrics Impact Teen Behavior


The Good

It’s one topic that everyone has an opinion about. As unlikely as it may seem there are few things that we can agree on, the role music & lyrics can play in fostering some good in our society is being one of them.

Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On (1971): Marvin Gaye’s album What’s Going On imparted context to a culture that seemed to be disintegrating right before our eyes. From the civil rights movement, to the Vietnam War, to the plight of the poor, Marvin Gaye helped a generation deal with what seemed to be a never ending crisis of social perception.

The Beatles' All You Need Is Love (1967): The Fab Four swayed the minds and warmed the hearts of a generation the world over, but it was when All You Need Is Love became the anthem of the anti-war movement that the power of music was truly felt.


The Bad

Examples plucked from headlines through the years:

Two male teens kidnap a young girl in the early 1990’s and claim that Nirvana’s Penny Royal Tea put the idea in their heads.

Teens commit suicide and Ozzy Osbourne's lyrics to Suicide Solution are blamed.

Every time one of these terrible incidents rears its ugly head, it seems that the music and performers of that music are the ones we blame, not the bullies at school, not the parents, nor the guns and depression. At the end of the day, it is up to us as a society to decide just who is to blame for these tragic instances.



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I couldn't live without Music! Music is a major part of my life: Music is only self expressionism. It’s what we listen to when we feel a specific emotion, or we want to feel a specific way. I know music may give some kids ideas about violence, but music can be looked at in different ways. Music is just about how we interpret it.

How Music influence Your Life

Music is a human activity which involves prearranged audible sounds and is used for artistic, entertainment or ceremonial purposes. Music is a major part of our environment. It is often referred to as "The International Language" - a simple thought with vast implications behind it. Even if you cannot speak the language of a foreign country, you can move, dance, and most of all, enjoys the music of that country. While we may not understand the words to a particular song, we do understand the beauty of the music.

The making of music predates man's use of the written word and is deeply tied to the development and uniqueness of various human cultures. Music has influenced human beings since the dawn of civilization.

Music greatly affects our personal moods. Music can calm and revitalize us in a variety of ways. It can elevate our moods above our personal fears and doubts and even reduce stress and pain levels. Soft, soothing music can help you unwind. Music ranges from a mere whisper to the fullest of sound. Music is good for your soul!

Music affects our moods; it is the great mood enhancer. We may not understand the words, but instead recognize the expression of its musical beauty and power to de-stress. Have you ever heard the saying, 'Music soothes the savage beast?' It's true. Music can calm and revitalize us in ways even a lengthy nap can't. Music holds the power to elevate our moods above our worries and relieve debilitating depression. It can also perk us up if we use it with exercise or dance.

Give it a chance.

While listening to music, listen to the words and rhythm as well as the tune. We may find something to like a type of music that previously we didn't like at all.

Listening to music is such a basic pure pleasure that many of us forget the tremendous value of it.

If you play an instrument, you'll find you've stumbled onto the best audience in the world. Go back often to visit and play. In this way, you've not only made the lives of other people brighter through your music, but you're going to find yourself in much better spirits.

Music for me is stress buster, life, feel and lyrics is like the door straight to heart.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going The Distance

Teri Nigahon Ke

Teri hi Raahon Ke

Kareeb Se Gayee Zindagi

Tujhe Kyon Dekha Na

Tujhe Kyon Jana Na

Shikayatein Karun Ya Nahi

Thami Hai Yeh Saasein

Bhari Hai Yeh Aanhkein

Sahu Kaise Abb Yeh Fasla

Bin Tere Bin Tere Bin Tere

Koi khalish Hai Hawaon Mein Bin Tere

Hardly many of us have listened to this song carefully, as we are more used to the original version of the song ‘Bin Tere’ (OST I Hate Luv Stories), but this reprised version somehow caressed a chord in my heart, kept safe and untouched for sometimes now.

Recently in my inbox, I found an old text message from a very close friend, dated some months back…’if you like her, I beg you to express. Don’t hurt yourself like a fool’. Right she was, probably I should have listened to her. When I look back to the whole episode, what I wonder, is why nothing happened between us? Was it out of my control; that she had no feelings for me, that she wasn't looking for anything, or that she found me out of her reach? Or was it my own fault, that I pushed her away, that I expressed no interest? I feel that she is the biggest missed opportunity of my life.

She is strikingly pretty, graceful, her personality is caring and funny, we relate to extremes, and the list goes on. Mostly I'll blame this one on myself. My friend felt that there was some sort of connection there, that she must like me. But for some reason, I didn't want it. I didn't want any of it. I look back, and I'm honestly not entirely sure why. I was not totally out of it, may be had a semi-interest at that time. I also wasn't really looking to get into a relationship after many unsuccessful attempts to impress someone unfeasible. For some reason, I truly wasn't interested, but I can't seem to understand why.

But as fate has it, the timing wasn't right anyway. And maybe, she wasn't even interested in the first place. Who knows? Or may be because I feel my world is beautiful in blur again.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Lot Like Love!

At times when we see a movie, read a book, or do something that made you say, "Wow, I wish that would happen to me" Especially in the case of love... "Oh I wish we would do that" or "I want to be kissed in the rain!"

Seems it's always like this, never ending, feels like putting your heart out, hoping it won't break and when that moment comes it wipes away all of the tears you’ve cried. It takes you over, elevates you, and gives you wings to fly. Sometimes when nothing' turns out right, you wonder if it's worth the fight, sometimes you wish that you could say, that you have had enough, still you keep on going back for more, cause there's one thing that you can't get tired of, and that's chasing love. It’s like euphoria, only the one is into it can feel or explain it. It becomes a habit to make that someone a habit, when we don’t walk alone and that person becomes an innocent trouble. That one person becomes everything that your heart craves, feels every void in your heart, giggle of your leisure time, you walk in the clouds, you fall and pick yourself up, you dream, you sleepwalk and you get afraid to lose. You tend to get foolish, you tend to act dumb, but this heart actually doesn’t listen to anything. You learn how to be lost completely, want to be found, be craved like the things we push away and it lifts you up. It makes you look up. It makes you think up. It makes you a better person than you were before.

"It's a lot like love if you think about it, because it’s there, beautiful, just happy to be there, win or lose, just doing whatever they can to overcome obstacles and succeed It's just... well, it's just as beautiful as love."

Think about this, if you will...

Friday, August 20, 2010

When A Man Loves A Woman

Sometimes I feel as if I am in an absolutely different element and even when I’m with family and friends, I often feel so out of place. No matter how much of a crowd I am in, I am still alone and yet, it’s the same place that keeps my mind calm in times of sorrow. It’s cold where I am, this perpetual instant of silence in a mirage of serenity. I suppose it’s just like the darkness of outer space and I’m awaiting the sunlight to find its way. This dream of mine begins with a conversation of whispers.

To love a woman is a journey of finding romance, a journey of finding her heart through the simplest of ways. Some people say it’s apparent to find love, but if you allow yourself to believe that love can only exist without limitations, then and only then will you find the way to a woman’s heart because your destination is always to find her heart at the end of each path. As you venture through the walls of her heart, you will find new reason to redefine your definition of what it is to love. Before we fall in love we are able to find comfort in solitude, but when we have finally fallen deep into love, we automatically begin to learn a need that overpowers every character of our being. When you take time to discover her for everything she is, it’s about letting her change you into the man you were always meant to be and allowing yourself to need her in order to become more than who you are.

When you have the want to discover and know her, you will find innocence in her eyes because aside from romance, she’s just so much more than what meets the eye. She’s your best friend, someone to share all your deepest feelings and dreams with because romance is not always the key to finding her heart. It is the ability to warm her heart through other means as your wishes inspire you to make her laugh and cry and dream of many beautiful things. To love a woman is a journey of discovery and if you allow yourself to find innocence in her eyes, you will find beauty in her every movement. It’s about finding beauty within the split of her broken heart, even if she is in a confusion, which makes all the difference in the world because when you acknowledge it’s only her feelings of being in a confusion, you’re also acknowledging that she’s beautiful no matter when, how or where.

Some day, when you find her falling into your arms ever so softly in a moment of weakness, it’s about giving her an ounce of faith, hope or just may be the whole world for moment. Love in its purest form is selfless in every way and it’s about showing her she’s loved and not only that she’s loved by you. Some day, when you come to the realization that her tears are really not tears, but beautiful heart cries instead, that’s when you know you’ve taken the first of many steps in discovering the art of loving a woman and may be it is where I am right now.

If there is a way to reach a woman’s heart without the touch of fingertips, I promise I will find it, even if it takes the deaths of a billion trillion stars, but as of this moment I have to believe this is only a learning process so if that one special girl finally comes along, I will know how to bring joy into her life.

All you people out there in love remember…

“When a man loves a woman

Can't keep his mind on nothin' else

He'd trade the world

For the good thing he's found…


When a man loves a woman

Deep down in his soul

She can bring him such misery

If she is playing him for a fool

He's the last one to know

Loving eyes can never see!”

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ain’t No Sunshine Without You!

‘Isn’t a friend a necessity in life? Assume yourself without a true, sincere friend. How would you feel at your college? What about functions, parties? Events especially your birthday. Who will ask you about your worries, who is going to tell you his/her worries?? How you will laugh with a high five, who will tease you pairing with others, who will care, miss and irritate you.’

We can’t pick our family, and we are sorely limited in the number of them. Society and more (and often our own conscience) dictate we select a single mate. But our friends can be as diverse as we decide to choose. Our friends in a very real sense reflect the choice we make in!

Sometimes friendships extend beyond this realm into another world. Do you believe in angels? At times I do believe that there are beings sent from heaven to watch over us. Each and everyday, at every stage of life God sends his angels to guide us, to company us, to pamper us, to push us, to stop us, to inspire us. I don’t expect to see them with wings or with halo flying above their heads. Instead they come in disguise, and they are called friends.

They accept me the way I am, believes in me for what I do, doesn’t give up on me, envision the whole of me, forgive me, help me quit my fears, lift my spirits, understand me, value me, walk by me, explain things that I don’t understand, yell at me when needed.

Friends, am no literary whiz to write great notes about friendship, just on the eve of another ‘Friendship Day’ in our lives, I want to let you people know that because of you life’s been a wonderful expedition, a journey I wish to continue ever and ever with you by my side. Few unwanted gifts of my life, and yet I want to treasure them forever and ever.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pages Of The Past

“When I was a child I used to run around the butterflies as they flew about collecting nectar…and now as I grew up, I am running after my dreams hoping to see them turn into reality someday”

The voyage started way back in 2002, I left home for Pune. We go out of our home, our own native land…to a place unfamiliar, to make our own self, to stand on our own. We dream, we aspire…we live. Have seen dreams fulfilled, dreams broken. Ever since I landed in Pune, I had a dream…to do a bit for our own people, to build a common platform for them, especially for people living outside their home, to created one place of affinity and global participation for our fellow people. My whole voyage in Pune is something I can’t explain in words, something I’ll value lifelong. Days past, years past…spent as many as 7 years there…but that dream of a common platform of global participation for our fellow people still lingered in my mind. After many unsuccessful attempts, financial hiccups and trusted people who actually didn’t have faith in me…I almost gave up. When I came back home, to look after family business and also start up something on my own…that dream never seemed to leave me. Just waited for the day to get established, to fulfill that dream on my own. Luckily I wasn’t ordained to wait for long…

One fine day it happened! One of my friends suggested me to go through ‘www.enajori.com’. It was like a dream….revived!! Otherwise a very laidback me, promptly wrote a mail to the ‘enajori’ team. And now after 3 months of joining the ‘enajori’ team I proudly say it to be a integral part of my life, for making my distant dream a reality, for giving me exposure and not to forget a ‘friend’ whom I’ll cherish a lifetime.

Thank you Sang, for your suggestion to go through ‘enajori’, thank you to the team, for making me a part of it, thank you Him, for being such a wonderful team member, friend and a constant support. And thank you, all my ‘invisible forces’, my friends…for being there always. The word ‘enajori’ imply...bonding, may my bond with it, its team members and all my friends stay integral, for eternity.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

'My Life Musical'

Some people say, am crazy, but yes I can listen to a song in loop uncountable times, just to admire its beauty, and go through a joy ride of emotions. Music is a way of life, expression of life, appearance of life; it is something beyond evaluation, something celestial. Music means something different for everybody.

When I find myself captivated by the first line of a song, I continue on, enjoying the rhythm or structure the author created, and most if the time by the end I am usually completely lost. It’s amazing, the way people throws out random beautiful thoughts and somehow makes it seem like it's all connected together. Music juggles our emotions, takes them to a different level; gives us something to refresh, to push, to hope, and to restart. Music makes us smile, makes us laugh, makes us sing, inspire, enlighten, makes us weep, makes us cry, makes us realize and makes us feel, makes us dance, it makes us relax, and it makes us dream…

Wish life could be one musical. A musical movie may be, furnished with some amazing songs with heart warming music. Wow!! But yes, can’t expect it to be happy and peppy, some sadness and pain are also important. We may call it irony of life, but without all these emotions, we actually can’t signify the value of the opposite emotion. Even then, I would love to select a few songs for my life….’my life musical’! For me, I’ve been traveling through years, in the canvas of these tunes...


Meri Maa (OST Tare Zameen Par, Shankar Mahadevan, Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi)

So innocent and so delicate. This song has the ability to ripple my innocence. I still remember weeping in theatre, the first time I heard it and once while performing it.

Hope/ Dream:

Dil Hi Chota Sa (OST Roja, Minmini, Lyrics: Jagdish Khebudkar)

Have grown up listening to this song. For me it’s one ultimate hope song. Every time I listen, it makes hope, make my dreams takes its flight and comes back to us. Inspires to hope…to dream.


Ashsaayen (OST Iqbaal, K.K, Lyrics: Irfan Siddique)

A song full of inspiration! Do I need to say more?


Summer of ‘69 (OST Reckless, Bryan Adams, Lyrics: Bryan Adams)

It actually denotes some other meaning and we all know it. But this song has some feel good factor in it, at least for me. The energy makes me happy, a distinct song for happy fun filled moments.


Yeh Dosti (OST Sholay, Kishore Kumar/Manna De, Lyrics: Anand Bakshi)

Do we need not explain a song on friendship?


Please Forgive Me (OST, Bryan Adams, Lyrics: Bryan Adams)

What pain, what acceptance and what lyrics. Subtle, soothing and yet painful. I think that what love is all about.

Mar Jawaan (OST Fashion, Shruti Pathak, Lyrics: Irfan Siddique, Sandeep Nath)

Maudlin, mushy, raw…yes may be. Heard many people complain about this song for being over emotional. Probably they overlooked the passion, the pain. And what lyrics! Aah! For me this song is an escape to love. I feel soaked in love every time I listen to it.

Pain/ Sadness:

Tere Bina Zindagi Se (OST Andhi, Kishore Kumar/ Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics: Gulzar)

An amazing composition. The lyrics, the song says it all.

Tu Jaane Na (OST Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani, Sohum, Lyrics: Irshad Kamil)

A fresh just out of the oven song, with touching lyrics. Tale of unrequited or unexpressed love isn’t it?


Kal Ho Naa Ho (OST KHNH, Sonu Nigam, Lyrics: Javed Akhtar)

Life indeed is a mixture of sunshine & rain, laughter & pleasure, teardrops & pain. The clouds and the sun play hide and seek in the sky, and the emotions play the same part in our life.

Mon Mur (OST Junaki Rati, Angaraag Mahanta, Lyrics: Keshab Mahanta)

Just three words. Mesmerizing, enchanting and refreshing.


Sandhya Jetiya Name (OST Junaki Rati, Angaraag Mahanta, Lyrics: Sorot Borkotoky)

Bideshot Apun Manuh (OST Bideshot Apun Manuh, Saju, Lyrics: Jimoni Choudhury)

Nostalgia! Just pure of it, and nothing else. Actually this feeling is something out of the world, no happiness no pain, just pure remembrance.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


frozen unfrozen silence,
tuned into a poem...
one handful of moonlight....
your giggles,
like Cindrella's fairy tales or Alice's dreams???

one worn out photo,
one you,
and a few lines of
adrifted poem...

N.B.: It was scribbled long long back, it dates back to March 2008. Just wanted to share :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Music On, World Off !!

…it’s called life or something like it. Been a while now I guess. And all this while I was too busy running after work, career, success, happiness, love, I definitely missed a special part of being me. I really did!

Music! For me is an escape, just like writing. Whether we admit it or not, music embeds our daily life, weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities and memories. It is life for some, means of worship for some, and for some it was a means of great expression, beyond words and images. Music has the quality of expressing the inexpressible. I remember someone rightly quoted’ if in the after life there is not music; we will have to import it.

Now then, life moves on and so do we. What I miss most is my involvement with music. I miss going out there and performing in the crowd, the moment when nerves melt into calm pleasure before the commencement of a show in a hushed theatre, the rehearsals, the fun and the feeling that used to keep me away from every other emotion in this world. Another unlikely thing I miss is the moment, when I make some mistake, on stage, live…and all I can do is look at my fellow musicians and smile and all those funny incidents that happen over there.

One incident that took place in one my shows will always remain so close to my heart. We were playing the song, ‘Bideshot Apun Manuh’, a song so close to our heart and life. Such is the irony of life, we live far away from our native place, get busy with life, yet our heart always craves for little things that is very own. And this song made its way to our lives, more so because it carries only one emotion…nostalgia! No hate, no love…just pure nostalgia. The crowd was very eager to listen to this song. And just when we are about to start, the connection of my drum kit went off. Technical problems…they are the indispensable evil. Started again, the monitor was not working. Then finally at the third attempt when we were halfway through the interlude, my drum kit went off, again. The buzz in the crowd was easily audible from the stage and all of us did panic for a while. I did at least, ‘coz my instrument went off twice. While we were checking the technical things again, I heard a friend of mine (am yet to know who did that, but thanked him probably a zillion times) started cheering me up…Arpan…Arpan. Other friends followed. Oh!! What a feeling! A shiver ran through me, felt like crying, I was elated every time I heard the cheer and inspired. Soon, we started to play the same song again and finally finished. After the show was over, many people came to us and appreciated, particularly for that song. Many eyes were moist; probably that song disturbed a chord that people safely kept back in their heart.

Wish I could go back to all those moments. Fall in love again, with music! Get drenched. Wish life had one on/off button, while the rest of the world gets busy living or dying; all I need to do is…Music On!! World Off!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Fever!

Love. Many definitions, myriad emotions!

It’s that time of the year again and we all are suddenly surrounded by love. Everywhere I look, there is mush all around! Its one thing we really can’t escape, at least not me.

One question that props up every now and then is ‘why do you love her’??

Being asked that question time and again really made me think deep. I may still answer "Just because" to it, since the definite answer I have is pretty multifaceted. I remember someone rightly cited, “love has many surfaces!... faces!” Additionally there's this fear that I won't be understood, or that I'll just come off as way too mushy and laughable. I've realized that there are quite a few parts to loving someone. It does not only mean why do I love her, it's so much more than that, because love isn't confined about how one person feels.

We all have flaws and not-so-good qualities hidden somewhere in us all, but we also possess some of the most wonderful characteristics that make us who we are.

Actually, I can't describe it.
She's just something in my eyes.
That's something sometimes you just can't describe.
You just stare at her in her eyes, and get mesmerized.

But she's not perfect. Only imperfect people strives to be better and better.

I guess she's the perfect imperfection!