Friday, August 20, 2010

When A Man Loves A Woman

Sometimes I feel as if I am in an absolutely different element and even when I’m with family and friends, I often feel so out of place. No matter how much of a crowd I am in, I am still alone and yet, it’s the same place that keeps my mind calm in times of sorrow. It’s cold where I am, this perpetual instant of silence in a mirage of serenity. I suppose it’s just like the darkness of outer space and I’m awaiting the sunlight to find its way. This dream of mine begins with a conversation of whispers.

To love a woman is a journey of finding romance, a journey of finding her heart through the simplest of ways. Some people say it’s apparent to find love, but if you allow yourself to believe that love can only exist without limitations, then and only then will you find the way to a woman’s heart because your destination is always to find her heart at the end of each path. As you venture through the walls of her heart, you will find new reason to redefine your definition of what it is to love. Before we fall in love we are able to find comfort in solitude, but when we have finally fallen deep into love, we automatically begin to learn a need that overpowers every character of our being. When you take time to discover her for everything she is, it’s about letting her change you into the man you were always meant to be and allowing yourself to need her in order to become more than who you are.

When you have the want to discover and know her, you will find innocence in her eyes because aside from romance, she’s just so much more than what meets the eye. She’s your best friend, someone to share all your deepest feelings and dreams with because romance is not always the key to finding her heart. It is the ability to warm her heart through other means as your wishes inspire you to make her laugh and cry and dream of many beautiful things. To love a woman is a journey of discovery and if you allow yourself to find innocence in her eyes, you will find beauty in her every movement. It’s about finding beauty within the split of her broken heart, even if she is in a confusion, which makes all the difference in the world because when you acknowledge it’s only her feelings of being in a confusion, you’re also acknowledging that she’s beautiful no matter when, how or where.

Some day, when you find her falling into your arms ever so softly in a moment of weakness, it’s about giving her an ounce of faith, hope or just may be the whole world for moment. Love in its purest form is selfless in every way and it’s about showing her she’s loved and not only that she’s loved by you. Some day, when you come to the realization that her tears are really not tears, but beautiful heart cries instead, that’s when you know you’ve taken the first of many steps in discovering the art of loving a woman and may be it is where I am right now.

If there is a way to reach a woman’s heart without the touch of fingertips, I promise I will find it, even if it takes the deaths of a billion trillion stars, but as of this moment I have to believe this is only a learning process so if that one special girl finally comes along, I will know how to bring joy into her life.

All you people out there in love remember…

“When a man loves a woman

Can't keep his mind on nothin' else

He'd trade the world

For the good thing he's found…


When a man loves a woman

Deep down in his soul

She can bring him such misery

If she is playing him for a fool

He's the last one to know

Loving eyes can never see!”