Sunday, May 17, 2009

When we spell c-u-l-t-u-r-e

I am sad at the state of the country tonight, especially the young generation, MY generation. I am disappointed and I am sincerely more than a little bit embarrassed. I know I'm going to come off as elitist, and you can think whatever the hell you want. But these are my sincere and innermost thoughts, so take away from it what you want. 

People seem to forget that we have a culture completely unique to itself. Everybody just seems to lose focus of what's right in front of us everyday! It's fresh to be exposed to different background and traditions. Our generation is so overly obsessed with celebrities, the latest fashion trend, and the latest new gadget we can add to our collection. We know how to use our Blackberries like pros and can download/hack music/movies etc. without breaking a sweat. But if I were to ask you to name me one, let alone 10 pieces “CULTURE”.

We can’t blame the culture surrounding us; after all it is others culture as Indian culture is ours. We people usually underestimate our country and overestimate foreign countries. The culture always lies in citizens. The western culture has influenced us in many good ways like they have made us move along with the world. If one is influenced by western culture its not that you have to forget your culture. I think one is good enough to decide which is good or bad. But instead of taking bad things of it let us take good things out of it. If you are really interested in getting addicted to the Western culture, get to know about their mannerism and neatness of the surroundings. Wearing Jeans and minis is not enough to acquire the western culture. Nobody can be forced to do things unless one wants to.

It’s us…yes…we are representing our generation. Come on people. Yeah culture isn't the most fascinating/interesting thing in the world (even though I would argue it is INCREDIBLY fascinating and endlessly changing and evolving). But it affects every one, whether you want to believe it or not.