Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As Valentines Day approaches we all look for a few words to express ourselves. Indubitably, silence is the best. But sometimes words create magic and love all over again.

"What will remain of us is love".

I was thinking what would I do if I actually had a Valentine tomorrow?

I prefer romantic simplicity. I would much rather go out to dinner at a jazzy restaurant on a night when the place isn't packed to the brim with overdressed patrons and filled with the aroma of ‘Calvin Klein’ and ‘Catalyst’. Movies at the theater means fighting a crowd and the possibility of being stuck crane necked in the front row with a view up and not being able to see a thing! It's all a recipe for royal disappointment. The best part of the evening would surely be the company...but how much better it could be with the ideal atmosphere.

I'd much rather opt for a night in...Together.

My ideal Valentine's date would be making bar-b-que together in the kitchen while some soft soothing music played in the background. Later, some desserts and an astir champagne. Candlelight is a must. And, of course, a chic flick that has already been seen allows for a much easier distraction.
...if I had a valentine tomorrow, of course.