Thursday, June 11, 2009

Melody of Ecstasy !

This is tough. This is really a difficult thing for me to type. There is a love song in my thoughts that summed up the way that I felt. In my view it is so beautiful, honest, true and mesmerizing…something a woman could not resist. In true sense, something to sing about. Excluding the fact that I don't sing, may be I would sing it to the loved ones in my life. But seriously, this has been stuck in my head a while. A romantic gesture to be precise.

So much to say, but nothing comes out right. She makes me feel something I can't describe. I always catch myself thinking about the things she does. There isn't anyone else I need; I've got my heart set on her. Day by day, I find my way. Look for the song and the meaning. Then she looks at me, and I always see what I have been searching for. I'm lost as can be. And her eyes, she should see the way they glow when she smiles. I know, she would love it when I sing 'The Song'. She would just melt in my arms and I could feel her heart beat...and I'm not lost anymore.

Well…all this while, let us go through a free the feeling that my heart holds something like this and it will creep up on my mind sooner or later.

Moonlight shines upon your face

I gaze into your eyes

My heart begins to skip a beat

As I begin to realize.

You bring to me a feeling

Which I have never felt before

A feeling of contentment

Happiness and more.

I will always be beside you

Be your friend and lover

I promise you this day

There will never be another.

Because we were meant to be

And that is without a doubt

I never knew what love was

Or what it was all about.

And then you walked into my life

And showed me what I was missing

Truly you were sent from above

Only God could create such a blessing.


himadri said...

Mindblowing....excellent...words will fall short to appreciate something like this...i wish whoever/watwevr inspires u, b awyz there for u & wid dat u can hv more f such beautiful works...

Polka said...

"You nevaar know when it strikes"
-- Tapan Das ("Daag")
So it has finally struck..and it seems it has struck u like a hurricane!!

Nirban said...

I don't even know what to say to this. This completely touched me. This is an amazing post, it's deep and sweet and I guarantee you'll bring joy into that special girl's life :)

Kadambini translates Utpal Datta said...

this fren of mine inspires me to think bout the beauty of love....over n over again...grt going up the gud wrk