Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Droplets of Life...

The backdrop:

“Deba: Arpan da…aji office’r pora ahute khub titilu…bhal lagile.

Me: boroxunor’r kotha nokoba...beya lagi jai…Pune’t thakile etiyale sage flat tu tita kapuror gundhot bhori gol hoi.

Deba: ha ha...hei smell tu. aru ehoptah man ekeloge beli jaute boroxun..Office-r pora ulaute boroxun...eibilak pisot bhabile birat bhal lage. apuni likhibo try diyok..bhal hobo !!

Me: boroxun’t ulai jaute saba…tumar cell tu…juwa bosor ki hoisile monot ase nohoi??

Deba: bag eta kinisu..tar bhitorot eta polythene ..tar bhitoror cell aru purse ..eibar risk nolou...:)

Me: aru aji khana ki…??

Deba: khana aaji soya beanor kheti...aru papad…”

The memories…they keep on coming back; touch me again and again. Reminds me papon da singing…”fagunore bauli baa…loi jaa muk loi jaa”

I slipped out into the open…barefoot. The night air is cooling but not cold. Goodness it’s raining! I stand there gently…looking at the stars. I love rainy listening to the rain singing me a the ambience, the romance, the sadness, the beauty, the stories behind the rain. Rain makes me nostalgic…make me soak in memories…something I’ll cherish for a lifetime…and beyond, if allowed.

Rain reminds me of Pune. My second home…it owns a ‘Lions Share’ of being me. The knowledge, the molding, the bike rides, the ‘Dhaba’ trips at midnight when its 4°c outside, those "night outs", the ‘rescue’ missions, those midnight tease, birthday bumps, old torn jeans, late night walks, long chats and conversations, cooking sessions, crushes, getting kicked out of the class, the project time, struggle for marks, writing on desks, fighting with friends, tears for love, just anything and everything...unique and unmatched.

Well, I am back in and feel sleepy and fairly at peace with tomorrow's uncertainty and its prospects. And I am grateful for the unexpected gifts of yesterday. There are some things you don't have to say but are just understood. But then, why not stretch these things out as long as possible, right?


P.S.: dedicated to all my Pune friends, seniors, juniors, classmates and colleagues. You people made life such a wonderful voyage.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Glad you feel this way about Pune. I've been here a lil more than a year now and its been very good so far!

Great post! Took me back in time!

Debasish said...

Once again you have been able to strike the right cords of memory...

It is overwhelming to know your thoughts on Pune..

And it is indeed great pleasure to be a part of this piece :)

Keep Going :)

Polka said...

Very well i get baked in the the North Indian summer , thinking about the rains in Pune mThe "rescue missions" rings a familiar tune in Pune would have been so dull without the Bhai-da helpline number to call at times of distress!akes me really nostalgic..though rains for me mostly means switching to Old Monk rum from whiskey! Its just been 10 days and I am already missing Pune!
The "rescue missions" rings a familiar tune in Pune would have been so dull without the Bhai-da helpline number to call at times of distress!

Anonymous said...

I was very busy the whole day ..thought of relaxing a bit, so opened gmail and saw you online with the link to the blog....felt like reading....Its so well-written...every word of it reminded me of pune and its nostalgic ! I am missing the rains too....feeling like taking the next flight and going back to pune...It was awesome !

Anonymous said...

Looking forward for such wonderful posts in future ...

barnali said...

Gee... pune,if i start writing abt my exp. maybe i'll go on and on..
A place i grew up not in age but in wisdom, rain in pune brings back some very fond memories.. banjara hills, lunavala, express highway.. koregaon park... ah! Wish cud relive those memories again..

barnali said...

and of course 'bhutta' in the rain.... wow such bliss...
bada pau and cutting chai..
shivaji tekri, pashan lake
God i can't seem to stop..the memories seems to come down in torrents...