Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Fever!

Love. Many definitions, myriad emotions!

It’s that time of the year again and we all are suddenly surrounded by love. Everywhere I look, there is mush all around! Its one thing we really can’t escape, at least not me.

One question that props up every now and then is ‘why do you love her’??

Being asked that question time and again really made me think deep. I may still answer "Just because" to it, since the definite answer I have is pretty multifaceted. I remember someone rightly cited, “love has many surfaces!... faces!” Additionally there's this fear that I won't be understood, or that I'll just come off as way too mushy and laughable. I've realized that there are quite a few parts to loving someone. It does not only mean why do I love her, it's so much more than that, because love isn't confined about how one person feels.

We all have flaws and not-so-good qualities hidden somewhere in us all, but we also possess some of the most wonderful characteristics that make us who we are.

Actually, I can't describe it.
She's just something in my eyes.
That's something sometimes you just can't describe.
You just stare at her in her eyes, and get mesmerized.

But she's not perfect. Only imperfect people strives to be better and better.

I guess she's the perfect imperfection!


V Rakesh said...

Arpan, wow! This is wonderfully well written! And I agree, she is the perfect imperfection!

s said...

Thikei koisa... perfect imperfection.