Thursday, March 17, 2011

Known Sky...Unknown Colours!

The wheel of memories keeps spinning, I remember, it was one of those days in Pune, I wrote this fresher’s social welcome speech for the students from Assam...“We step out of our home, to a different city and different way of living, different culture, different language, different food to build our a place unknown, to create our own identity.”

Now that I have stepped out of home again, for a short stint in another city to add more skills to my arsenal, am actually feeling it all over again. Someone rightly said...’Life is a perpetual initiation.’ We never actually reach a destination. So true actually! The same known sky...yet unknown colours!

Leaving home always makes me nostalgic, captured by the moment, in the magic of yesterday. But hope never fades away and the ambitious us makes us embark in new new destinations. Living in a world outside home, is like fantasy...but as they say...”it is not what you go out to, it is what brings you back.” Yes, to be home, it’s a different feeling altogether, the way your parent’s eyes glow when they see you back, the care of a concerned sister, friends smiling down on me, giving me their energy, a joyful world around me and the love we share can never, never be taken away from me.

May be I can convince time to fasten up, with Papon Da singing ‘Sandhya Jetiya Name’ in the background, my heart yearns to be back home again, soon, to the wind that makes the tall grass lean and the raindrops that fall, they have a meaning.


yipeeme! said...

Looks like this short sojourn here is putting u pensive. Amidst all this hussle-bussel, do make up some time to meet your friends, who eagerly awaits your company writer sahib!

mukuta said...

ovewhelmed reading your thoughts, reminded me of my own quests in understanding and appreciating the journeys i had to undertake,,

Very well articulated,, your words,,"The same known sky...yet unknown colours!" precisely encompasses what most of us feels while embarking on such voyages,,:)

and while you are there,, make the most of it :)

V Rakesh said...

May the comfort of home be in your heart always, where ever you may set sail.

Chitra said...

:) its a nice sharing of your experience and observation ..