Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Day After

Again people died, again people got injured. And again people who were 'people' yesterday became a 'number'. I won't say, for now, that we don't have enough security. The fact that I feel unsafe every single day, that I panicked again when I heard the news of the blast that I feel scared to move out of my house and my pleas might not help. I have given up hopes for sometime now.The terrorist have raised their dreadful head again. It’s not the right time to play the blame game, but it’s time we should wake up. Its life’s insincerity that we got to move on despite the devastating occurrence which killed nearly a hundred and wounded half a thousand for lifetime. Someday it may be one of us!!!

All the fingers are pointed towards Jehadi’s and Illegal Immigrants. We all know what they are…yet why are we so silent??? Isn’t it our unconcerned nature or unbending behaviour which is to be answerable for what ever we are facing today? Why we are so dependent on them? Why we can’t do our own work?? Are we paralysed? Our youth would rather spend the whole day gossiping near the neighbourhood pan shop or playing carom the whole day, but no matter what they won’t work. They need Govt job!!! Why even now our people think that other jobs or work is nothing? Is the Govt a job producing machine that will keep producing new jobs every now and then? Whenever I visit Assam, if I say someone that I’m doing Job, the immediate reply is…” Oh!! Company Job!!” Not to mention the expression on the face. But the fact is no work is bigger or smaller, be it a Govt job or a company job, what we all need is the desire. If our people start doing every little thing on their own i.e. utilise man power within our fellow people we can definitely tackle the employment problem to a great extent and also smoulder the immigrants problem. The more our people are involved, the less is requirement of people of outside. These people immigrate because they are aware of the fact that our land will provide them work, land and shelter.

May be we should start an economic blockade against illegal immigrants. Don’t give them work, don’t sell them anything, don’t travel in their rickshaws, and don’t give them your houses on rent. Spread the word, walk the talk. It is high time we show our united strength and not let the terrorist win. If we believe in goodness, in the long run the good always will win. Bombs can kill our bodies but not our hopes. Let us resolute and behead terrorism.

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