Sunday, December 14, 2008

Line Drawing !!

Enough is enough!!! It’s not even a month and we are attacked again. What we saw in Mumbai it nothing less than what we saw in Assam, we just cant compare the impact…but the fact is we are attacked again…and we are doing nothing. It’s like someone is sitting on our chest and stabbing us again and again. Really devastating. For someone like me who’s as calm as me, it just took a minute to moist my eyes. My heart wept again. Are we secured enough…?? Why don’t we react…??

May be for our leaders and politicians it’s a favorable time to play the usual blame game and to make false commitments. Are they blind??? It is our nation and who are they to divide us? The funniest part being the one prominent Marathi leader, who proudly used to claim that Mumbai belongs to only people from Maharashtra, has probably gone blind, or may be hiding somewhere. Pity for him, that the same Mumbai he claimed to his is being rescued by the NSG commandos that is mainly build up of soldiers from North and South India.

Isn’t it strange for someone like Amitabh Bachchan quoted that for the first time in his life, he felt so unsecured that he pulled out his licensed pistol, loaded and kept it under his pillow???

People now are talking about being resilient and spirited…yes we have the mettle to fight back and back to our usual. We did it in the past, we’ll do it again. But for God’s sake, it’s high time for our politicians, please don’t try to divide us, we are Indians and we will be Indians. It’s really high time we should put up a collective effort and retaliate. The more we sit back the more we are hurt. The sacrifice of our brave soldiers should not go in vain; they laid their lives for our safety. It’s definitely time we should draw a line and spread the word…much like the sms that is circulating all over…”Forgiving the terrorist is left to God. But fixing their appointment with God is our responsibility.”

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polka said...

Well written..I only hope someting concrete comes out of this entire sense of fury and despair that seems to plague the entire nation today..its rarely we see the entire nation speaking as one 26/11 i feel our common sense of insecurity has lead to a new bonding..what we can do is make a pledge - "lets not allow politicians to divide us any more..enough is enough"