Wednesday, September 7, 2011


“You gave me a song I learned to hum,
You showed me beauty through the windows of your soul,
And you showed me a world I've never seen!

Each, giving to each other love and giving it away,
We spent the valued time we didn’t knew was borrowed,
Cause you gave me the courage to live with yesterday,
And you gave me tomorrow.”

Tonight, when I go to sleep, I take this song with me and all the memories. I really treasure it. To me, it means caring about someone not just because they have something you want, but because you have something you want to give.

Tonight lying in my bed, I stare at the wall and try to remember you here with me, sleeping peacefully, holding my hand and not even knowing. Now looking back, every minute I wasted not being with you, I wish I could have that back. I miss you so much, I'm crying for no reason. Tonight, we didn't say goodnight like the other nights. It feels very empty like this. I hope you had a good day, a good reason for not being with me tonight to talk to me and tell me to create, write or click something. I was in bed by 12, like you wanted. I always send you a text right before sleeping (is safe in drafts) hoping that will help me dream about us...together.

It's so hard to be alone here without you. My heart hurts, thinking you're not 100% sure of being with me. My sincere words, my tears, are they not enough?

Tonight I fall asleep with dried tears on my face and all the memories next to me.



Priyankee said...

nice to read another of your posts ... i hope 'she' is listening :)

bitaz said...

Ohh!!! it was d reason.... Sorry to knw tht.